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Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation

Responsible Clean Energy Solutions for the Future

“A superior natural resources policy is one that favors those institutions by which new resources are substituted for old ones: individual enterprise, guided by the price signals of the market, and technological advances that conserve resources and permit them to be used more efficiently.”

President Ronald Reagan
World Environment Day
June 5, 1986

Responsible Clean Energy Solutions for the Future

To conserve is conservative. For far too long, conservatives have allowed energy issues to be championed by progressive liberals. Now is the time for conservatives to lead on energy policy, offer solutions that encourage innovation, stimulate economic development, and enhance the growth of clean energy sources.

A conservative energy policy will allow free markets to balance supply and demand, ensure reliable and competitively priced energy for the future, and create incentives for responsible stewardship of the nation’s resources and environment.

The emergence of cost-competitive renewable energy technologies presents conservatives with a great opportunity to reshape the energy economy along free-market lines. Numerous clean energy projects are already being built and owned by private companies, and if we continue to encourage competition and reduce burdensome government regulations, prices will drop, choices will increase, and rapid innovation will follow, to the benefit of all Texans.

A Blueprint for a Conservative Energy Policy

The Texas clean energy sector has grown into a formidable economic engine and continues to attract billions of dollars in investment, stimulating innovation, creating new careers and good-paying local jobs, and protecting our natural resources.

Innovation and ingenuity will do more to accelerate clean energy development than government regulations. We prefer approaches that allow markets and the private sector, rather than government incentives and mandates, to foster more clean energy production.

Taking greater action to expand and accelerate the development of clean energy will help Texas continue to lead the nation in energy technology. Additionally, increased clean energy development will continue to grow the Texas economy, create more high paying jobs and improve the reliability of our electric energy grid.

Texans overwhelmingly support an “all of the above” energy strategy, which means lowering our heavy dependence on fossil fuels over time and increasing electricity generated from clean energy sources like natural gas, wind, solar, nuclear, and hydropower. The expanded use of clean energy in Texas will increase the number of energy choices for consumers, reduce the overall cost of energy for Texas families and businesses and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

Texans also strongly believe in private property rights and support property owners’ ability to produce electricity on their own land as well as lease their land for renewable energy production. CTEI will help protect property rights while fighting for lower electricity rates, more consumer choice, energy competition, and a diversified, all-of-the-above energy portfolio.